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My martial arts journey started in my early teens during mid eighties in the former Soviet Union (present Ukriane). After brief exposure to SAMBO, I joined Wushu club where I practiced sport oriented competition forms.

Just before Soviet Union colapse, combative martial arts became legal in Ukriane, and I got access to traditional gongfu system called Long Hu Quan (Dragon Tiger Fist)

Within Long Hu Quan system I got exposed to full contact competetive fights. Being in my prime of youth I was eager to test my skill under  "stress". However, my outcome of fights came grain of salt.

While enjoying learning Chen Taijiquan, I was stomped by lack of information. Obscured concepts often were missing bits and pieces. Things became confusing, and decided to look for more oportunities.

Luckily social networking allowed to find diferent Chen Taijiquan practitioners and become friends with some of them. One day I came across Marin Spivack (Mo Ling) - a long time student of Master Chen Yu. He brought some insights about his teacher, and my curiosity started to grow.

Further research of Chen Yu teaching led me to Peter and Borys Chen, who also were Master Chen Yu students.

As injuries started take their toll, I realized that perhaps there was a better way to enhance martial skills without major injuries. So by the age of 25 I focused purely recration martial activities.

After moving in United State in 1999, I took some long brake while adopting to my new life. After several years I decdided to resume my martial training and  began my search. Newly found Chen Taijiquan system immediately appealed to me as balance of both martail and well-being sides.

In 2005 I started training under Chen Zhenglei lineage-holder Jesse Tsao. As I advanced through training I got exposed to teaching of Chen Zhenglei, Chen Xiowang, Zhu Tiancai, Chen Bing and Chen Ziqiang.

So the journey begins...

Search and discovery

Despite holding official certificate of Chen Zhenglei lineage, I have chosen knowledge over status. Peter and Borys both offered their help, and so I started studying Chen Yu.

After traveling and meeting Borys in person I immediately realized authenticity of Chen Yu teachng. His superior martial skills were no

doubt impressive. And it was easily manifsted in his talanted students. Without any hesitation I started re-learning already familar Chen system over again.

This path led me to present day where my taiji journey continues, and the only regret I have right now is not finding authentic teaching much sooner.

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