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The Chen Taiji Study mission is to preserve the rich history and tradition of Chen Style Taijiquan and share it with those who can benefit from its health aspects as well as its martial techniques.  Through research, learning, empirical hands-on testing, sharing, teaching and disseminating information about Chen Taiji, we can enrich the experience of others as well as our own.


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Chen Fake (1887-1957) was a 17th generation Chen Taijiquan master.  Born and raised in Chen Family Village, he worked hard to earn a reputation as a humble martial artist with an extraordinarily high level of skill. He attributed of enhancing and modernize ancesntral Chen frame

Chen Fake

Chen Zhaokui (1928-1981) was an 18th generation Chen Taijiquan master and the third son of Chen Fake. Studying under his father, Chen Zhaokui developed very high levels of skill.  He was able to preserve his style of martial art during the difficult times of the Cultural Revolution  

Chen Zhaokui

Borys Chen is a long time Chinese martial arts practitioner and educator.  His extensive martial arts experience includes XingYi, Bagua, Wing Chun and others. In 2004, Borys started studying Chen Taijiquan with Chen Yu and  has followed his teaching ever since.

Borys Chen

Chen Yu is a 19th generation lineage holder in Chen Family Taijiquan and is the only son of Chen Zhaokui.  He began studying Taiji with his father at the age of 7.  He has spent many years of diligent work developing and preserving his father’s art

Chen Yu

Currently we meet every sturday at 9am at SunsetPark  park in Vista. Come join our meetup. Search for "Chen Family Taijiquan - Chen Yu method in Vista, CA"

Short representation of Chen Family Line staring left to right grandfather Chen Fake,  father Chen Zhaokui, son Chen Yu, and student Borys Chen

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